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The three forms below were created by the California legislature to allow people to appoint others to make decisions for themselves if they could not due to physical or mental incapacity. By completing the appropriate form you can appoint someone to manage your estate or make medical decisions for you or you can nominate others to care for your minor children. These forms are meant to be self explanatory so that people could easily complete them themselves without the need for legal help. The Law Offices of Zev Brooks makes sure that every client's estate plan contains these forms as necessary, but you can download the forms here and complete them yourself for free.


The Advance Health Care Directive is self explanatory. The document is designed to allow you to express your desires concerning your health care and to appoint another to make decisions for you if a situation arises where you haven't stated a preference and you are incapable of making the decision for yourself. This document should be completed by you as directed in the form. It will require witnesses.


The Durable Power of Attorney for Property serves to appoint an agent to manage your property in case you become incapable of managing it yourself. Your signature must be notarized. This form will only be effective if you are deemed unable to provide for your financial needs by two licensed doctors in writing who are unrelated to you or any nominated agent. If you need a Power of Attorney to be effective immediately call my office 714 965-0179 and you will be emailed the appropriate form.


This form serves to nominate the person you want to look after your minor children in the event both parents pass away. You can nominate one person to manage the child's personal affairs such as where the child goes to school, medical decisions, curfew, etc. You can nominate another person to manage the child's estate, ie. the property you leave that child. You can also nominate one person to be guardian over both the person and estate. Be sure that each parent completes a nomination form, one for each minor child.

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